• Room in the loft of Hans Christian Andersen (1805 - 1875) Under the roof, the walls were inclined and in them windows were installed – after the fashion of other mansard windows but providing a much wider view. I could admire the church tower through them which I could see from its very base.

  • Tenement house in France illuminated by the window installed in the roof illustrated by French draughtsman Francisque Poulbot. In the 19th century the poorest groups of society lived in the lofts of the tenement houses of large and rich German, French and English cities.


  • Painting by Vincent van Gogh “Farms near Auvers” in Parisian d'Orsay Museum with clearly visible glazed roof.


  • first patent application on mechanism for rotating a wooden window.

  • historical documentation (British patent no. 1724) regarding improvement in the structure of sliding and pivot windows, skylights and doors submitted by P. Shippobottam

  • iin the same year, two Britons A. Schmeil and P.Saar submitted other patent application concerning improvement in the structure of skylights. The main idea was concentrated on easy opening from the inside and tight closing protecting against snow and rain penetration. Skylight design presented in the application assumed possibility of its opening.




















FAKRO is the author of more than 100 paten applications and utility models. Since the beginning of activity of Polish company, the amount of patent applications submitted by roof windows manufacturers has increased significantly.

FAKRO, one of the most innovative Polish companies contributed particularly to the spectacular success of the entire roof windows sector.
FAKRO has its own innovative research and development centre in which work more than 100 engineers. FAKRO holds more than 100 patent applications. Company exports not only roof windows to many countries of the world but also solutions and creative ideas of Polish engineers.
Nowadays, thanks to FAKRO, Poland sets new directions of development for the international roof windows industry and Polish manufacturers are considered to be the best professionals in this sector. Dynamic development of the company forced foreign manufacturers like Danish Velux or German Roto to move their production to Poland.
Today, Poland is a global leader in roof windows production. Every third window installed in the world is manufactured in Poland.