In case of emergency

In multi storey buildings as well as in one family houses, it is sensible to provide extra exit in case of emergency.

As shown in the picture, in case of fire, which can happen to anyone, there are products in Fakro offer, which can help you to leave the burning building, even in the situation when normal way of exit is blocked by fire.

Product no 1 is Fakro FVE electric opening skylight. Correctly connected to building fire system, once the smoke is detected, the skylights open automatically, providing escape way for the smoke. Smoke is a deadly threat during the fire, and that is why letting the smoke escape through the open skylights, increases the chances of leaving the building.

Product no 2, Fakro Access Ladder provides save access to the attic, when the lower floors of the building are on fire.


Please, remember: mentioned above products, are not life saving products, they can just provide additional exit out of building, and use of them should be consulted with local building authorities.