Type EH/EHA for high-profiled roofing materials




The flashing for high-profiled corrugated materials allows the skylights to be joined with roofing materials such as tiles or corrugated metal sheets. It has a much wider and longer lower part allowing a tighter joint with the high-profiled roofing material (it can be applied to roof coverings with a profile depth of up to 90mm).

EH flashing is for use with FX and EHA for use with FV, and FVE skylights. EHN flashing is for use with FPL roof window.  

Constituents of the flashing:

The flashing is made up of four basic elements. A long and wide elastic apron finishing the lower element, which allows easy connection with high profiled roof coverings. It has a PVC fillet glued to the underside allowing the flashing to be stuck to the roof covering for a neat fit.

It is equipped with a weep flap to allow condensation to drain away from the window, as well as side sealing channels
to protect against wind blown dust, leaves, rain and snow.



Flashing parts: 


1.bottom part of the flashing with

an elastic apron 220mm in length 

2.side parts 

3.aluminum strips to fix the flashing 

4.top part of the flashing 


6.sponge seals