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The FAKRO Sales Department accept orders for roof windows and other products from FAKRO’s wide range of products. An order can be sent via phone, fax or e-mail and is processed in accordance with our normal terms and conditions. Similarly with orders for non-standard products.

Our Research and Development Department is responsible for developing non-standard project solutions. Costs and designs must be accepted by the customer before manufacture can begin. The order processing time for non-standard orders is taken from the date a 50% deposit is received for such orders.


Complete product service guarantees comfortable operational use of all FAKRO products.

Customer service



In order to identify your skylight, you need to find an information plate. Information plate is a small aluminum plate stapled to every FAKRO product. Every plate contains a  product code, short product description, as well as a date of the production. Data shown on the plate also includes the size of the product, which is especially important when you want to buy an accessory like venetian blind or order any spare parts.

Customer service

FVE P1 48/46 -skylight and glass type; size

68968 - skylight code

2192 - production date

01 8823 - production code


Customer service

Roof windows

Every window has an identification label, which is located in the top right corner of the sash. The identification label enables easy product identification and has details of product type, dimensions and production code.

Customer service


a- Window type

b-Window dimensions

c- Production code


Attic ladders

Data plate in FAKRO attic ladders is situated on the inner part of the front, shorter box element in the upper left corner:

  • attic ladders produced after August 2014

laser burned plate

Customer service

Customer service


a - Attic ladder type

b - Dimensions

c - Production code

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The Attic Group

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How to find a data plate?