What is a Roof Window?

According to Fakro’s terminology a roof window is a window that pivots open.


Can a fixed skylight be converted into a venting one?

The only solution is to replace the FX – fixed skylight with a FV venting skylight. Due to it’s construction the FX skylight can not be converted into a venting one; venting skylights consist of many different parts (ei. hinges, motor, sash etc.) that standard fixed skylights do not have.


What flashing should I use with FX, FV, FVE skylights?

For Fakro FX fixed skylight, the only proper flashing for flat roofing materials, like shingles, is flashing EL. For Fakro FV or FVE venting skylights the proper flashing is ELA. In the case of profiled roofing materials, for example: tiles or metal profile roof sheets, proper flashing for Fakro FX skylight is flashing EH. For Fakro FV or FVE venting skylights the proper flashing is EHA.


What is the standard color of Fakro skylights and flashings?

All aluminum covering profiles as well as flashing kit are made the standard dark brown. The RAL symbol of our color is RAL 7022.


Where is the serial number on my skylight?

The serial number is always written on the information plate. The information plate is situated on the top right-hand corner of the fixed skylight. In order to see the information plate on venting skylights you must open the skylight and look between the sash and frame. In this case the plate is on the bottom of the frame.


Can a Fakro skylight or roof window leak?

No. Fakro roof windows and skylights together with the flashing kits are designed to match certain roofing materials at given roof pitches. When installed properly, the window will not leak - guaranteed.

Fakro’s flashing system, properly combined with the roofing material is watertight even under the most severe weather conditions. All Fakro’s flashing systems are precisely tested in the most demanding test procedures.


For venting skylights do I have to buy an insect screen separately?

No, all of Fakro venting skylights are already equipped with an insect screen.


What is the lowest roof slope allowed for skylight installation?

The lowest roof pitch allowed for skylights installation is always given on the installation instruction. All models have a minimum roof slope of 150 (3/12)


How do I measure the roof slope?

The easiest way to measure the roof slope is to use a pitch gauge, which is available in most building supply stores.


Are the wooden slats, nailed to the top and the bottom of the skylight, suppose to be removed before installation?

Yes. The purpose of nailing the slats is for product protection purposes only. All the slats should be removed before installation, but it is recommended to remove them just before placing the skylight or roof window in the prepared opening in the roof. Once removed, do not put the skylight or roof window in the standing position, lay it flat on the floor (cover the floor to avoid damaging the wood) with the glass facing up.


Where is the top of the skylight?

Two red arrows on the envelope glued to the glass indicate the top of the skylight.


Can your skylight be installed upside down and sideways?

No. The construction of the skylight or roof window together with the flashing system does not allow it to be installed upside down or sideways. All products must be installed according to the installation instructions provided.


How do I measure the opening in the roof?

To make the installation process easier, in every Fakro skylight package, you will find a specially prepared template. The template is provided to help cutting the opening by simply placing it in the spot where the cut is to be made, tracing it, and cutting along the line. This eliminated the need for measuring.


Where can I find your product catalogue and price list?


The easiest way to obtain Fakro Product Catalog or Price List is to visit a Fakro retailer near you. If you do not have any dealers in your area, please contact our office and we will promptly ship you your order. Another option you have is to download the catalog form this website.