Accessories for roof windows

Accessories for skylights

The purpose of accessories?

The main function of internal accessories is to enhance the decor of a room. The wide range of their types and colours ensures harmony with the decor of any interior and offers the possibility of creating all kinds of atmosphere.

Control of light

The accessories fit exactly Fakro skylights and roof windows and the installation process is simple and fast. All FAKRO accessories are characterized by high quality, innovatory solutions and enhance the aesthetics of any room.

Protection from UV rays

The accessories also ensure a permanent protection from UV rays, and as a result materials and furniture are protected from fading.

Protection of privacy

FAKRO roof window accessories can also increase the feeling of privacy.

Easy installation and comfort of use

Accessories enable you to regulate the amount and intensity of light entering the room. As a result you can achieve complete darkness, even on a sunny day. They can additionally protect from the harmful influence of computer screen reflections.