Loft ladder accessories

Ladder Accessories

Lining LXL - PVC


LXL trim provides a clean finish around your installed attic ladder. The LXL-PVC trim is constructed of PVC and does not require any installation hardware.

Available in our standard size 30”x54”

Compatible with other attic ladder models LWN, LWP, LWT, LWF, OWM & LMS.

Plastic ends LXS

Stile ends LXS

Fakro LXS attic ladder ends provide that complete finished look to your Fakro wooden attic ladder. The LXS adds stability, whilst also protecting delicate floor surfaces taht need protection. Also compatible with other models, being the LWT & LWF.

Handrail LXH

Ladder Accessories

The LXH handrail provides a much safer and eaiser option to use your ladder. It can be installed on either side or both at the top section of the ladder. Compatible with other attic ladder models, LWN, LWP, LWT, LWF, OWM & LMS.

Bannister kit LXB

Ladder Accessories

The pinewood bannister kit is easy to install and makes it easier to climb down the ladder. It is mounted to the ladder casing. Additional metal flat-bars mounted on the entrance side strengthen the construction. The balustrade is available in one size 700mm x1400mm. Trim to size may be required to suit the ladder installed in the roof.