Akcesoria wewnętrzne

Internal Accessories

Blockout blind SRF

Blockout blind SRF allows you to achieve complete darkness even in the sunniest room. Aluminum rails covering the edges of the blind, a special seal in the bottom aluminum strip, as well as a special material covering the blind stop the light completely and reduce heat flow both in winter and in summer. The side rails allow you to stop the blind in any position. It is manually or electric operated.

The SRF blockout blind is a stylish, decorative blind with runners at the sides to allow the blind to be positioned anywhere up the window. It also prevents daylight entering at the sides, to provide a complete blackout.

The aluminium runners which cover the fabric edge, the special seal in the lower aluminium slat and the material covering the outer face of the fabric (reflecting the sunrays) block incoming light completely, reducing incoming heat in summer and preventing heat loss in winter.

The fabric also protects against harmful UV radiation. The SRF blockout blind can be installed in all types of skylights.


SRF blockout blind is available in four versions:

  • SRF-MX blind manually controlled for fixed skylight
  • SRF-MV blind manually controlled for manual venting skylights
  • SRF-EX blind electrically controlled for fixed skylight
  • SRF-EV blind electrically controlled for venting skylights


SZS control rod enables operation of manual SRF blockout blinds out of reach.



  • Gradual reduction of incoming light up to complete blackout.
  • Side runners for positioning the blind at any point up the window.
  • Elegant aluminium fascia hiding the roller.
  • Provides privacy by completely covering the window.
  • Protection from the heat of the sun.
  • Reduction of heat loss from the room in winter.
  • Suitable for cleaning with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Resistant to dampness.

Venetian blind SJP

The SJP Venetian blind is a popular skylight accessory which can control the amount of light entering the room. Through changing the angle of the lamellaes we can control the direction of sunlight and create a comfortable atmosphere.

The Venetian blind protects from overheating and is also a decorative element. Side aluminium rails enable a complete shading of the room and also make it possible to rotate the sash with the blind pulled down.


The Venetian blind is available in white color and in four versions: 

  • SJP-MX Venetian blind manually controlled for fixed skylight
  • SJP-MV Venetian blind manually controlled for manual venting skylight
  • SJP-EX Venetian blind electrically controlled for fixed skylight
  • SJP-EV Venetian blind electrically controlled for venting skylight

SZS control rod enables operation of a manual Venetian blind installed high up in the roof.

Roller Blind SRP

The SRP roller blinds filter the sunlight’s strong rays providing privacy and an ambient glow. The blind retracts up and down the side rails stopping at any point along the skylight. SRP blinds gradually reduce incoming sunlight while protecting from UV rays and block heat from the sun*.

*protection from high temperatures is provided by external awning blinds



  • Available in electrically or manually controlled versions
  • Compatible with FAKRO curb and deck mounted skylights
  • Provides protection from the sun with up to 90% light filtration when closed



  • Manual controlled blinds operated by the 10-foot ZST extendable control rod, 20-inch SZS control rod or by hand
  • Electrical blinds controlled by the ZWK10 wall switch or ZWP10 remote control, powered by 24V DC


Group I*
Group II*

*Special order colors. 001 (white) comes standard.

Group I

Roller blind ARP, ARP Z-Wave I

Group II

Roller blind ARP, ARP Z-Wave II