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Special features of FAKRO skylights

The beauty of Fakro skylights is our features and benefits differentiates us. Our high-end quality skylights separate us from the pack without the high-end price tag.

Fakro’s unique designs accommodates all designed homes, our practical and easy installation system allows for even a DIY installation. Our newly designed “warm” frame and Low –E, single chamber glazing provide an Energy Star® efficiency for residential skylights.

The beauty of Fakro is that they allow for a handy man to perform a relative quick and easy installation, whilst providing a leak-proof limited Warranty.


Types of Deck Mounted Skylights:

Special features of FAKRO skylights




Fixed skylight FX

  • Ideal for roof pitches of 15 degrees and 85 degrees
  • External frame coated with UV and weather resistant polyester paint for longevity
  • Constructed from pressure treated Nordic pine timber
  • Low heat transmittance. Meaning less heat loss in those cold winter months
  • Available in a wide range of accessories
  • Internal gasket allows for drainage of moisture to building exterior
  • Easy installation flashing system
  • Double coated wood with ecological acrylic lacquer in natural finish     


Special features of FAKRO skylights

Venting Skylight FV

  • Easy and quick to install either DIY or by an installer
  • Triple seal system to ensure no leaks
  • Nordic pine knot free construction
  • Double coated clear Acrylic lacquer in natural finish protection
  • Easy manual opening and closing winder system by hand or rod


Special features of FAKRO skylights

Solar Venting Skylight FVS

  • Integrated electrically remote controlled open/ close system
  • Controlled via ZWave technology
  • Tempered / laminated glazing
  • Fly screen included
  • Integrated rain sensor
  • Suitable for roof pitch 15-85 degrees
  • Triple sealed for to ensure no leaks
  • Nordic pine knot free timber
  • Double coated clear Acrylic lacquer in natural finish protection
  • Chemically treated timber for greater longevity
  • Triple gasket system
  • Durable PV system fitted to upper exterior frame


Special features of FAKRO skylights

Electric venting skylight FVE

  • Integrated electrically remote controlled open/ close system
  • Triple sealed for to ensure no leaks
  • Nordic pine knot free timber
  • Double coated clear Acrylic lacquer in natural finish protection
  • Chemically treated timber for greater longevity


Curb Mounted Skylight:

Special features of FAKRO skylights

Fixed skylight FXC

  • Classy design, which is white finished interior PVC frame
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 0-60 degrees
  • Toughed double glazing
  • Low emission heat reflecting glass
  • Can be installed in any 360 degree orientation
  • Available in G32 tempered or G33 laminated glass
  • Condensation channels to trap unwanted moisture and drains to out-side
  • Blinds can be installed before or after installationWide range of colours available in accordance with the RAL classic palette in both types (FXC G32 or FXC G33) 


When designing and fabricating our skylights, we design features that combats four main fears about skylights:

1. Leaks and Condensation

2. Installation

3. Warranty

4. Quality


Leaks and Condensation

Fakro deck mounted skylights have a lined underside gasket for greater protection for leaks and condensation. When the Fakro skylight is positioned over the roof opening, the gasket provides a greater seal to the roof deck. In addition, the water and ice shield applied during installation, will water proof the skylight, making moisture unable to penetrate.

  • FAKRO skylights eradicate the problems of outside condensation. Metal components normally used to fit a skylight come in contact with moisture. In some cases, this obscure moisture can create damage and can cause leaks. 
  • FAKRO skylights are installed without the need to use metal components; a set of screws (provided) drill directly through the frame of the skylights into the roof joists removing the requirement for brackets on the outside of the skylight’s frame.
  • On the inside of the building, a channel built into the inner frame of the skylight collects moisture and drains it to the outside. The channel is positioned deep into the frame of the skylight where the glass meets the skylight’s frame, so the channel is not detectible once the skylight is fully installed.
  • Fakro skylights frames are thicker that competitor brands, which means less heat or cold is conducted resulting in twice the insulation qualities to other skylights. Fakro skylights come with an Energy star® rating.

Fakro skylights are ideal for most rooms in your home, they provide the beauty of natural light whilst filtering harmful UV rays.



Installation made easy, each Fakro roof window or skylight comes with a cut out template, which allows you to accurately assess where to position and cut the rough opening. In addition, full installation videos are also available on line.

Two metal pins are included, which are fitted to your skylight to centre and make square over the hole you have cut, allowing for one person to implement installation. Once the skylight is in place over the opening, the pins hold your skylight in place, ready to fix it to your roof.

Bracket-free installation means that they are not required and that the supplied screws secure the skylight directly onto your joists of your roof, through the predrilled holes in your skylight frame.

Once, the above is completed, you are ready to line the skylight with your preferred water and ice shield, followed by your choice of Fakro step or high profile flashing. For additional insulation, thermal flashing is available.



Fakro residential skylights have a limited lifetime warranty. With correct installation and frequent maintenance, Fakro skylights are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.